Cards and More Basket Pattern by Madeline Morcelo of Inking From The Heart Blogspot.

photo_1(14) photo_1(15)    photo_3(10) photo_2(10)photo_1(16)photo_4(8)photo_2(13)

Madeline Morcelo’s pattern “Cards and More Basket” is a great pattern. You can find it on her blog Inking From The Heart. She does such beautiful design work, I love  her work so much. These are a few of my versions of the pattern. The Black and White are done from the For Always Paper Collection. The Red, Black and White one was done for a teacher Anita Shackelford and The Blue one was done for the other teacher Joan Knight. They were the teachers at the Retreat my husband and I attended in April. They give so much to us in product and in knowledge that I wanted to do something nice for them. They were liked and a big hit at the retreat. The pattern is so easy, be sure and go to Madeline’s blog and purchase the pattern. It is only a $5.00 pattern, you will love it. It has great instructions and very easy to follow.

2 thoughts on “Cards and More Basket Pattern by Madeline Morcelo of Inking From The Heart Blogspot.

  1. Thank you so much for visiting my page and leaving comments. I am so new to the whole blog experience and have been trying to learn how to get my page going. Still having trouble figuring out how to get badges and such on here but hopefully will get the hang of it finally. I was so excited to see that someone had posted, gave me hope. I want to share my love of paper crafting and the other things I love to do with everyone. Now, to learn how to do a video tutorial and post it.

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