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My Thoughts

Hi there everyone,

Soon I will be adding a new post every week featuring a past product and details on how to create the said product. It might be a card idea, a layout of some kind, a past workshop, or 3 D project. I know I have lots of past paper collection and many wonderful creations from said collections. So I will be sharing them soon. I hope to have my first one up before the week is out, just trying to decide where to start. So stay tuned and come visit and see whats happening, leave a comment if you like what you see or have a question regarding the project. I also am currently working on several workshops that will be up in the near future. I will keep everyone posted on that progress.

Thanks, I look forward to sharing with you



Butterfly Faces

Butterfly Faces

It was funny watching Sydnee getting her face painted. She wanted her face painted like a butterfly. She didn’t believe the lady understood that it had to be the same on both sides. We all had to laugh when she stopped her and asked her if she was sure she was doing it right.

Stone Mountain for Spring Break

Stone Mountain for Spring Break

Tim and I had always wanted to go to Stone Mountain, so during spring break we decided to take the grand kids and go. The weather was perfect and all the flowers were in full bloom. It was a great time and even though we were there for the week we still didn’t do all that we wanted. I guess we will have to go back again some time.

Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium

Tim and I took the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium with a good friend from Wisconsin “Ramona”.
We had so much fun and it was a first time visit to the Aquarium for us all.