Valentine’s Day Card for my sweet husband

  1. This is a three panel card with pockets and small rhinestones for embellishments. I used both new and retired products for this card.
  2. Every Card needs to have a pretty envelope that matches the card.
  3. The first panel of the card is the Edge Word that swings to the left to reveal the front of the card.
  4. The front card swings to the right to reveal bth inside panels. I pulled out the note from its pocket to show that it could be removed and used as a bookmark. I also have the little message card out of its pocket to give the full view of the vertical love word.
  5. A visual to show that the pieces are out of the pockets.
  6. Message Card and personal note card are now back in the pocket on the left. The personal note card can go in the pocket on the right also. The picture don’t catch the light to show the sparkle it has from the small rhinestones.

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