Wilderness Park: Lets Go Play In The Sand

Playing IN The SandCamping was so much fun with Sarah and Brandon. We must not forget the star of our camping trips “Cameo” our family pet. Fun was enjoyed playing in the park, swimming in the lake, roasting marshmallows on the campfire, laying on blankets looking up at the stars, taking hikes in the woods, visiting with other campers. The days were filled with fun had by all.

2 thoughts on “Wilderness Park: Lets Go Play In The Sand

  1. We have a Wilderness Park campground about 10 minutes from my home. My mother-in-law used to work there as a park ranger. I love both of your Back Country Studio J layouts. Awesome job!

  2. Thank You Casandra. I spent years going to this park with my grandchildren when they were small. Some of my favorite memories. We would drive from Milwaukee up there every weekend sometimes and every time we had a week off, the kids loved it there. We also loved going to the Woodbine for dinner they had the best prime rib I have ever had.

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